Radical innovation requires diversity  

Get Market Fit assembles diverse teams of highly experienced entrepreneurs to make your ideas a reality, in a commercially robust way.  You retain all IP.  Our people work together. We provide the bridge and support so that you can control how the idea is embedded back in to the business, as a new market facing product or service, or for use internally.


Outsource the execution of corporate innovation to diverse teams of entrepreneurs

Corporates aren't seeing the full benefit from their investments in accelerators, internal entrepreneurship programmes and innovation labs. There remains an opportunity to achieve radical disruption and to get new technology products and services to market faster and in greater numbers.

Diversity of thought, gender, culture and experience is the key to successful innovation. These highly experienced  entrepreneurs have founded startups, built and launched products, iterated endlessly based on customer and market feedback.  Our team comes from diverse backgrounds including financial data management, compliance, fintech, AI, data analytics and blockchain solutions. They choose to work flexibly around family and other commitments because they have a tireless thirst to work in high energy teams that make things happen. Get Market Fit enables them to do what they do best, while providing a model that spins back in - and embeds - the output of their efforts.


retain ALL ip ownership and control

Keeping 100% of IP ownership is critical.  Risk, regulatory and compliance factors are why so many corporate/startup partnerships and acquisitions fail. Which is why we ensure you maintain control of the assets created, and the compliance framework in which they are developed. We are your outsourced innovation team - we deliver responsible, robust and efficient execution of ideas that your company owns. Every entrepreneur working on your projects is contractually and ethically commited to that.


embedding innovation back in

It is the execution, not the idea, that drives innovation. Entrepreneurship is a disciplined process, which is why we understand that for you to see return on investment from innovation, it has to survive the transition back into your corporate environment. Our people work together in a structured engagement process. We provide the support, and extensive financial services innovation experience, so that you can control how the new product, service or process is embedded back in to the business.


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