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Get Market Fit's team of experienced founders and entrepreneurs enable our corporate and government clients to achieve radical innovation. We create technology solutions to those problems most worth tackling, delivering both social and commercial impact.

We’re currently tackling a $1.13 trillion a year problem that is the primary source of funding for organised criminals and terrorism groups - counterfeit and illicitly traded goods. Vistalworks - our innovative new consumer protection software - protects online shoppers from the harm of illicit, illegal and fake goods.



If you’re tasked with enforcement, analysis or prevention of online illicit trade for a company, organisation or government agency, we should definitely talk.

We also offer considerable benefits to ecommerce marketplaces, financial services and payment providers who want to reward those customers who take steps protect themselves when shopping online.



Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know if that bargain is concealing a nasty surprise before you handover your personal details and credit card? We agree - and so we’re building a game changing solution to protect online shoppers from the risk of fakes and scams .

You can signup to get priority access and be one of the first to help us launch - there are 500 invites for release in April 2019.